Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Lighting will create your atmosphere, light your way and secure your home. Don’t reserve good lighting for just the interior of your home. Enjoy all kinds of outdoor lighting on the exterior of your beloved home.

outdoor lights


Outdoor lighting will anchor your space like no other landscape element. Porch lights are only the beginning. Decorative lighting can adorn gardens, patios walkways and entrances and outdoor lighting is more versatile than ever. Solar lighting brings lights to places that are otherwise unreachable. Don’t just have a light outside your front door, place an outdoor light outside your tree house or any other out building on your property. If you are planning any new landscape projects, consider outdoor lighting. Now is the time to lay new electrical lines to support any new lights. The variety of outdoor lighting can range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Spot lights, ground lights and lanterns can illuminate your gardens well past sunset, allowing you to enjoy all your hard work into the evening hours. Porch lights aren’t the only lights that can be incorporated into landscaping.  Outdoor lighting for the garden comes in an endless array of shape and design. There’s lighting out there for every garden space. Outdoor lighting may be installed outside but can be controlled from within the home and even through remote control. With the combination of solar lighting and new energy efficient lights, there’s no need to limit outdoor lighting.



Good outdoor lighting will light the way. While colour will guide you through the daylight hours, in the evening, good outdoor lights can guide your steps, highlight your beautiful gardens and accent your home. Need to make your way to the hot tub in the dark. There’s lighting for that too. Deck lighting is popular, especially to illuminate stairs. Deck lighting is often installed when the deck is built but can be very easily retrofitted. Most deck lighting doesn’t need to be hard wired and will plug into any outdoor electrical outlet. To provide extra lighting for special events, fairy lights and lanterns will do the trick and provide visitors extra safety while traveling around your property past sunset. Hosting a party in the backyard will be a safer event with proper and sufficient outdoor lighting.



When the lights go out inside, it’s a comfort to have adequate lighting outside. Motion lights can be strategically placed to announce visitors as they enter your property and some outdoor lighting can be linked to your home security system. Flood lights are also great security lights. Even without a monitored security system, outdoor lighting can go a long way in protecting your home and loved ones.  Security lighting and all outdoor lighting for that matter can be placed on a timer to provide consistency and save energy. Good security outdoor lighting isn’t necessarily brighter than other lighting, but smarter. Good security lights will allow the home owner to see the faces of visitors before opening the front door.


Sufficient and creative outdoor lighting is an important element in any outdoor space. Beautiful outdoor lighting will not only increase your time outside, but provide an element of safety and security. Once you consider your lighting needs and budget Contact Under The Sun Home Renovations and we will take care of the rest.