Outdoor Living Area Ideas – Benefits Of Pergolas

White pergola

When you consider the many ways that your outdoor living area can become as luxurious as the inside of your home, you might want to think about adding a pergola to your backyard. These beautiful, versatile and functional structures can transform your backyard or patio into an extension of your indoor living area. Pergolas are larger than arbors and most often free-standing, but they can also be attached to the house. These easy, breezy, open pavilions offer a place to sit comfortably shaded with your friends and family while being protected from the direct heat of the sun or a light summer’s rain.

Although a pergola does not have a roof, it defines an area of outdoor space with an overhead frame of open rafters that will compliment your home or garden with its architecturally stylish and beautiful features. They are typically constructed with some type of deck flooring that creates a definitive area for entertaining or lounging and offer more privacy than an open deck or patio. A pergola addresses the same benefits of a patio or deck, but it’s delivered with ambiance and style and delivers an aesthetic level of visual appeal in a way that the others cannot deliver.

Home Value:

Whether you’re on a budget and building a pergola yourself, using the many do-it-yourself kits available or hiring a professional company for a custom design, the money you invest will come back to you when you sell your home. An outside structure that offers more living area and enhances the attractiveness of your property will add value to your home by as much as 20 percent, according to home renovation expert Bob Vila.

If you feel that tackling a pergola by yourself is more than you’re capable of handling, landscaping companies like Under The Sun Home Renovations are qualified experts that design and install these stunning backyard additions. Under The Sun Home Renovations are the Canadian Authorized Sales and Installation dealer for custom built Pergolas by Arbors Direct, which manufactures custom sized fiberglass pergola kits for residential and commercial applications. The benefits of installing fiberglass pergolas are that the material is lightweight, easy to install, low maintenance and stands up to the elements over time.

Visual Interest:

Your pergola can create visual interest and provide you with space for blooming flowers and scented vines that need support growing up and intertwining with the rafters and down along the vertical posts. This is an attractive alternative for backyards that have limited space since you can use the pergola for vertical gardening.

Depending on where you build your pergola, and the growing conditions in your environment, some of the type of plants and vines that do well for this type of structure include hops, wisteria, clematis and ivy or grapes. Climbing plants provide an attractive addition to the pergola and they offer you even more shade and privacy.

Although pergolas can provide shade with the beams, you can go one step further by adding lattice to the top to create a more defined top cover. You get the added protection from the rays of the sun yet at night you can still sit under the pergola and see the stars.

You might also like the idea of using outdoor fabrics along the vertical posts for a soft flowing effect to the pergola. This design method offers added protection from the elements while providing a romantic landscape setting. Additionally, you have the option of dressing up your pergola by using decorative hanging baskets or ornamental items and designs from the rafters.

End Result:

Whether you decide to build a pergola on your own from scratch using wood or a fiberglass kit, or hire a landscape design company to build one for you, a pergola is a great addition to any backyard for its beauty, versatility and functionality. You will not be disappointed!

For any further information regarding pergolas or other backyard additions, contact our qualified experts at Under The Sun Home Renovations. We look forward to hearing from you!