Personalizing Your Home with Custom Windows and Doors

While there are many ways to personalize your home both inside and out, sometimes it is the smaller details that can have the biggest impact. When a contractor builds a home – unless it is for a specific customer – they build it to suit the broadest range of tastes possible. Custom windows and doors can really give you a chance to express yourself in a way the standard windows and doors in most houses can’t. They can usually be energy efficient and attractive enough, but on a street or subdivision where they are all the same, they can come across to some as rather boring.

Custom windows and doors are one way to make your home stand out while adding your own personal touch.

Couple Designing a House

Custom Windows

A variety of looks can be achieved through customizing your windows. Different materials for window frames include wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl. These materials can give a variety of looks depending on the style of your home and your personal tastes. Wood frames can give a very rich and traditional appearance while steel tends to lean more to the contemporary.

The way you’d like your windows to open is another consideration. Windows that open outward have a rather romantic feel to them, but are often not the easiest for cleaning. Tilt and turn windows provide easy access for cleaning. Some windows even have built in screens and sun shades.

While most people think of windows as being square or rectangular, they don’t always have to be. Circular, curved, and pointed windows can add drama and uniqueness to a home.

Finally there is the glass itself to consider. In addition to energy efficient glass which keeps out the heat better than traditional glass, there is noise reduction glass, security glass and different styles of glazing available to control light. If your looking for a more artistic option then consider windows such as stained and etched glass that some homeowners really enjoy having touches of throughout the home.

Custom Doors

Having an impressive entryway is another way that homeowners can personalize their home. If you’ve ever driven through a neighborhood and remembered how that one house with the large wooden double doors – or the simple steel door that just happened to be bright red – stayed in your memory, you know what we mean.

Changing to a custom door, can give your home instant curb appeal.

Things to consider when choosing a custom door include selecting the style and material being used such as wood, glass, or steel etc and choosing the shape as well as the color. While your choice should reflect your own personal style, it is also important to keep in mind the size and style of the home as well.

While you may love huge double doors, that choice likely won’t be very practical on a smaller home. Adding side panels to your door however, may work if you prefer the appearance of a larger entrance.

Working with the right contractor

Since custom windows and doors can so dramatically affect the look and function of your home, it is important that you work with a trusted contractor and designer who can help you select the right looks and materials to suit your home and preferences as well as provide expert installation.

The process of finding the right custom windows and doors can be an enjoyable one – especially when you see the results of your home’s “face lift”.


If you’re interested in getting custom windows and doors in your house pleas contact Under the Sun Home Renovations and speak to a professional about any plans you have.