For many households, the area under your property is a commonly unused space. But designed or developed in the right way, this can give you a whole new space to use for whatever your heart desires.

Your basement is generally closer to your home’s kitchen and living areas, so it makes sense for you to utilize this space in a way that would benefit from being close to these rooms. Whether you are looking to add an extra bedroom, a den or playroom, or even an extra living area, your newly renovated basement could become your new favourite room.

For a lot of people, a sideways or upwards extension isn’t possible. Maybe you don’t have the extra land, don’t want to eat into valuable garden space, or can’t get planning permission to build upwards. Maybe you have a basement which isn’t being used. In any of these situations an excellent alternative would be a basement renovation.

Our Team

Specialized knowledge is required for an effective approach when designing your basement as basements present individual development challenges compared to other areas in the house. There are factors such as ventilation, damp proofing and structural issues which need to be carefully considered during the design process to ensure a safe, legal and well-functioning area.

Supported by the experience of our personal architect, our design team will deliver a detailed renovation plan that is based on established and proven design principles. This means that your basement will be re-vamped not only with a perfect design, but also taking into account any technical aspects that need to be considered when working with basements.

Basement Renovation

We can re-design poorly used space to create a whole array of different spaces. We can design recreational facilities like extra rooms, home gyms or movie rooms for your pure enjoyment, and each project offers unique opportunities to improve the value of your home as well – both through the creation of extra space, as well as making your home more attractive in general.

While there are few basements that are perfect for developing and do not have problems that may be costly to solve, the good news is that a larger market for basement re-vamping and development has brought with it more cost-effective solutions, too. This has made renovations affordable for more people, and we are here to take advantage of these solutions and create your perfect good quality basement at as low a cost as possible.

If you think that you might be able to benefit from a re-vamped, renovated basement, and the change in lifestyle that it brings, get in touch with one of our design team today!