The Benefits of Bathroom Renovations

Transforming a bathroom into a place of elegance and style doesn’t just happen overnight. It has to be planned with thought and consideration to achieve a space that is luxurious and fits your lifestyle. A bathroom renovation should never be considered an added expense because the upgrade has a tremendous amount of benefits. Bathroom renovations are the second most important room to renovate in a home, in terms of return on investment.

A bathroom renovation is not just about form and function; it is also about comfort and beauty. Today’s trend is to remodel bathrooms into spa-style spaces. The preference you see in many of today’s bathroom renovations are geared towards separate showers and tubs, double sinks, and even lounging areas that make this area a special retreat.

Renovated Bathroom

Enjoyment & Relaxation

When you are considering your own bathroom renovation, you will want to think about your own comfort and relaxation. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a top to bottom renovation, even small changes can make a huge difference. If the home has limited bathroom space, there are a number of improvements, such as new faucets, updated lighting, new cabinets and flooring that can significantly uplift and improve the look of the bathroom.

You can renovate your bathroom into a place of beauty and style by changing the colours and patterns in the bathroom to make small spaces feel larger and more spacious. Also, when it comes to bathing, you can create a big change by turning the tub into something sensational, such as a Jacuzzi. Instead of simply taking a bath, you can use your mini-spa to luxuriate in comfort and relaxation. For the ultimate place of indulgence, a mounted T.V. screen can be added for the sheer enjoyment of entertainment during an unwinding soak in the tub. When deciding on renovations for this very special room, always keep your comfort and relaxation in mind.

Improve the Appearance

A bathroom renovation will dramatically improve the bathroom look and contribute to the overall appearance of your home because appearance is everything! How many times have you gone into a nice looking home only to find that the bathroom is not a reflection of the rest of the house?

For many homeowners, the bathroom is simply a place of functionality, but that attitude is changing as bathroom renovations have taken on a new boldness in home designs. If you happen to be one of the people with a gorgeous home but a hideous bathroom, now is the time to rethink your strategy and upgrade your bathroom. Don’t stop at the main bathroom either, because your other bathrooms deserve the same love and attention as the central one.

Add Space

Having space in your bathroom is important on many levels. If you have to turn sideways to get something done or sit on the toilet within touching distance to some other bathroom fixture, a renovation is in order. A bathroom that is claustrophobic is both unappealing and uncomfortable, but a more spacious bathroom gives you a psychological boost. There are a couple of ways to add space in a bathroom to transform it into a place of beauty and comfort.

The are twp routes to take when it comes to bathroom renovations. The first one is the more costly of the two routes with a complete bathroom renovation, using a contractor and incurring major construction costs. The second is a half-makeover adding virtual space by switching fixtures, components, colour changes, new faucets, bath inserts, glass doors, mirrors, etc. You can also declutter the look of the bathroom by adding more cabinets for additional storage space for towels and linens.

Take the Plunge

Although a major renovation tends to have a high price tag, it’s still an excellent investment. Alternatively, you do not have to go all out at once, but rather do small projects over time for a slower renovation. Whichever route you decide to take, an updated bathroom will be more efficient, spacious, more comfortable and definitely better looking in conjunction with the rest of your home.

So if you’re in the market of updating your bathroom, contact us and we’ll be ready to help.