The Benefits of Building a Custom Kitchen

At Under The Sun Home Renovations, designing and installing custom kitchens is one of our many passions. We love when our clients tell us about their kitchen design dream and leave it up to us to make it come true. A custom kitchen is an investment. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but it will also dramatically increase your quality of life! Imagine, a kitchen that is perfectly suited to your unique needs and preferences, one that is designed specifically around what you intend to use your kitchen for. Inspired! There are countless benefits to investing in a custom kitchen. Here are just a few.

Remodelled Kitchen

A Custom Kitchen Fits You

When it comes to “off the rack” kitchens, you end up having to find a way to fit yourself into a new space. Meanwhile, a custom kitchen is like a gorgeous, tailored suit – it already fits you. Instead of cupboards that are beyond your reach, or countertops that are uncomfortably low, a custom kitchen takes into account your stature, mobility requirements, and usability preferences. For some, having cupboards that require a step stool to access is beyond foolish. Meanwhile, others don’t mind using these more difficult to reach cupboards for storing seldom used serving plates.

Modern, Minimalist, Traditional, Rustic…

Deciding on a design style for your kitchen can be overwhelming. At Under The Sun Home Renovations, we have years of experience helping homeowners choose the right style to suit their preferences. Over the years we have discovered that more often than not, homeowners do not identify with one single design aesthetic. Instead, they love minimalist design with a touch of rustic. Or traditional, with modern accents. We can help you discover what your preferred aesthetic is, and then design a custom kitchen that tastefully (pun intended) includes it all!

A Kitchen For Your Lifestyle

Chances are, your kitchen is where family meetings are held, homework is tackled, and where heart to hearts are conducted. You might also eat a few meals a day here. So whether you are a top chef or budding cook, Under The Sun Home Renovations has the custom kitchen with your name on it. Designing intuitive, functional kitchens that take into account your lifestyle is our specialty. Tell us how you want to use your kitchen, and we will make it happen.

Quality Materials and Superior Craftsmanship

We understand that remodelling or completely renovating your kitchen is an investment. That is why we offer you the highest quality of materials, installed with care and attention. Drawing on our network of preferred suppliers, we have cultivated a network of industry professionals who offer industrial grade appliances, Italian marble, authentic tiles, and environmentally sourced hardwood. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and superior client care.

To learn more about embarking on your custom kitchen with Under The Sun Home Renovations call us today 647-539-5203, or contact us through our website.