What To Know About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood FlooringA lot of homeowners make the decision to upgrade their home to hardwood floors. However, all wood floors aren’t the same. When you’re thinking about making the change, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

Whether you’re laying down an entirely new floor, or replacing a damaged wood floor there are a ton of different varieties and options to choose from. Below you’ll find the most common benefits of hardwood floors, as well as, recent trends you can implement in your own home.

Top Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a very reliable and attractive choice for most homeowners. This style of flooring has been used for centuries, but in recent years we’re seeing a resurgence in its popularity.

1. Easy To Clean

In comparison to carpets, hardwood floors are very easy to clean. All it takes is a simple sweep, mop and you’re done!

2. Increase Home Value

By upgrading your current flooring to hardwood floors, or fixing up your current hardwood floors can greatly increase the value of your home. Carpet usually has to be replaced every few years, and is more susceptible to stains, but hardwood floors can last a lifetime.

Hardwood floors will increase the value of your home, and will increase the selling price of your home.

3. Long-Term Investment

Hardwood floors can last an incredibly long time. Especially, if you use high quality wood and take care of it on a regular basis.

They are also very durable and can withstand a lot of foot traffic, and other common day-to-day scuffs.

4. Variety

Hardwood floors come in a variety of types of wood, which can blend in or enhance any living environment. For instance, you’ll be able to choose from different stains, wood colors, and tree species.

5. Overall Home Health

When it comes to the overall health of your entire home you just can’t beat hardwood floors. Carpets usually trap dust, pollen, cat dander, and other common allergens. Hardwood floors allow you to avoid all of these, which make them a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Trends In Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring trends change with the times. Below you’ll find what’s hot right now in wood flooring.

1. Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors are becoming more popular, especially in more modern and luxury homes. Dark hardwood gives your home a very classic look, and definitely makes a statement.

2. White Washed Floors

White washed hardwood floors can bring a lot of brightness to your home. If you have a home that doesn’t receive a lot of light, or has a dark interior then you could benefit from white washed floors.

3. Vintage Hardwood

Vintage hardwood floors take a design cue from the wood itself. This style of design incorporates the wood’s natural grain and imperfections into the wood. You can even use reclaimed wood to lower the overall price of the project.

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