When you purchased your home initially, you did that for a reason! You likely went through a long and grueling process of searching through ads for homes online, attending tons of viewings that didn’t live up to your expectations, and then finally found that house that made you say “This is it, this is our home!” 

Now of course we understand that over time that feeling might start to fade, you grow a comfortability with your home and the space you’ve created and will eventually feel like you need a change. Many people will feel this way at some point in their lives and they’ll start to wonder… should we move? WAIT! Before you make that big decision, why not consider renovation as a way to shake things up and bring a new life back into the house you already know and love?! 

To move or to renovate is the age old question that many homeowners ask themselves, sometimes more than once! So, to help you make that decision, let me tell you about the top 3 reasons why you should consider renovating your home rather than moving! 

1. Cost

Although we know it can be pricey for both options, when it comes to moving or renovating, in most cases it is more expensive to go through the moving process, especially if you consider the value for dollar! 

When deciding to move you need to remember that there are still many additional costs that will add up before you actually sell your home! You’ll have to pay for any updates that need to be made to your house before it will be up to selling standards, the cost to put your house up on the market, closing costs; are you hiring a real estate agent? How about movers? And just like that your cost to move is skyrocketing!

Not to mention that when you do find that new house, it STILL may have a room or two that aren’t exactly what you had envisioned, and you may end up wanting to renovate them anyway at some point!

When you choose to renovate the home you already own, the cost will be all in once you find your renovation company and settle on your final prices! As well as you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that when your renovations are finished, you’ll have exactly the kitchen/bathroom/basement etc. that you dreamed of! This is what we mean by considering the value of dollars being spent!

2. You’ll Have Control Over The Outcome

Like we touched on briefly above, by choosing to renovate your home rather than moving you will have the confidence of knowing that the finished product will be exactly what you wanted, without having to search through tens or even hundreds of homes to find what you’re looking for!

When renovating, once you’ve chosen your renovation company, you will go through each step of the process with them to design your new dream bathroom/kitchen/basement etc.! (If you’d like some help with how to choose your renovation company, you can visit our previous blog HERE!) 

You’ll have an idea of exactly what your new space will look like once it is finished and you’ll know that it was hand picked by you and can ensure it will coincide with what is important to you and your family to have in your home! 

3. You’re Attached!

If you’ve been in your current house for a while you and your family will likely feel some sort of attachment to it! It’s what you’ve known and grown in for so long, and although in the moment you may feel you need a change… you may miss this home once it’s gone!

At this point, you’ve likely already adjusted to the area you live in, you’ve grown comfortable with your commute to work and you and/or your kids have made friends in the area; to change all that because a few rooms in your house are outdated just seems like a waste of a great home!  

You fell in love with your home for a reason when you decided to purchase it, so try your best to really remember that feeling and give it a lot of thought before you decide to completely move out rather than just updating it to once again be your dream home! 

Like Zillow’s senior economist Skylar Olsen said “Whether you and your house have been through some trauma together and you’re kind of bonded now or you just truly love the place, you are emotionally attached. It’s not just financial,”.

There you have it! Our top 3 reasons why you should renovate your home rather than moving! Now keep in mind there are many other reasons why this could be the right call for you, so do your research and give it a lot of thought before making a huge decision like moving! 

Here at Under The Sun Home Renovations LTD. We believe that renovations are the key to your house continuing to be your dream home for years to come! We spend a lot of time ensuring that we fully understand our client’s visions and it is imperative to us that we help make your house feel brand new again, so that you won’t even want to move!


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